The V-Kut stocKING by Kandi

The world's first V-Cut stocKING. Designed to have a invisible waist band. Don't let the stocking waistband ruin your costume or outfit!

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The P-Kut stocKING by Kandi

This new version of the stocking will have an opening where the girls can pee. Not just an opening, a snap opening, think of [it] like a baby onesie with the snap so you can open it and pee and close it back

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New Product


Introducing our Triangular Shaped Nipple Covers – Knipsies! The discreet solution for a seamless and comfortable experience under your Karnival wire bras.

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Tropix Swim Monday Wear

Introducing the 'Bonaire and 'YARRA'' by Tropix Swim.

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