Welcome to the *all new* Karnival By Kandi!

I'm thrilled to (re)introduce myself; I’m Kandi King, the creative mind behind this brand. 

From day one, my modus operandi was and will always be to elevate your Karnival experience! As a masquerader myself (for the last 2+ decades!), I understand intimately the nuances of the carnival experience and purposely translate those insights into innovations

Some of you would remember 'Karnival By Kandi' once served as the moniker for my Karnival concierge service. Recently, I made the choice to re-embrace this name. Karnival By Kandi has forever embodied the essence of creating an unforgettable Karnival experience and what better way to encapsulate that spirit than by resurrecting a name that is synonymous with it?

As women we are always in the process of evolving and reinventing, and my Karnival By Kandi brand has done just that! Karnival by Kandi is now all things Karnival accessories-related, and I am super excited to share this new version of the brand with you!

From my patented V-Kut and P-Kut stockings, to our Knipsies and Mondaywear we are ensuring your Karnival experience is more komfortable, so you can feel your most konfident! And trust me, we have so much more in store for you! 

I am thrilled that you have visited, and even more thrilled that you’ve gotten this far on this site (LOL)! Whether you're here to snag some Karnival accessories or just enjoying the vibes from afar, your patronage means the world to me.

Welcome again to Karnival By Kandi, your ultimate Karnival destination!